Welcome to Walfave market space

A market space for hand made things from jewelry & accessories to bags & hats, tees & hoodies, scarves & accessories to other exceptional gift products.

What we sell 


Why sell on Walfave market space?

Grow Margin

Less risk with no monthly fee

Reach new gift buyers globally

Control and grow your bottom-line

Getting rewards for selling

Extended list period (5 months) or until it sells

Shop for Cause

Heighten customer loyalty

Distinguish your products from the competition

Enhance sales and brand.

Drive Traffic

Environment for just gift items

Get seen with just a click

Express your products to buyers and sellers alike.

Who can sell?

Charity Organizations: Small nonprofit charity organizations that caters to Breast Cancer, feed the hungry, and children with unique items for sale in order to generate extra revenue for their organization.


Creative Independent Designers: who make small production gift items. We seek partners that care, partners that enjoy collaboration, and partners that like to empower others.

How selling works on Walfave


1. Decide on what products to list. While you may have many products to sell, list only those applicable items that may be best-sellers with the best price you can offer. Now that you’ve decided on the products to list, the next step is photos that best shows your product. Learn more  




2. Visit Walfave.com and register. Its easy. You'll be done in a blink of an eye! Then go to the marketplace, using the easy tools in the marketplace to open your shop, beautify your shop with your banner image. Learn more 




3. Now, start selling! When an item sells, you'll receive an automatic email notifying you of the sale with all pertinent information on buyer and your offering. Learn more